CES Olympic Days and Relay Recess
CES Olympic Days and Relay Recess
Dawn Houck
Wednesday, May 09 2018

Carver Elementary School will hold its Olympic Days on Monday, May 14th, and Tuesday, May 15th. Students will participate in various team competitions throughout the two day, fun-filled event. Parents are invited to attend and join in the fun.Please see the attached schedule for more event information.

In addition to our Olympic Day events, we will also have Relay Recess on Tuesday afternoon. Relay Recess is the American Cancer Society’s nationwide movement to raise cancer awareness and promote healthy living among elementary school students. Students will have the opportunity to celebrate those who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost to cancer, and fight back against the disease that has claimed too many lives. During Relay Recess, students will take to the track and walk laps in honor or memory of someone who has faced cancer. Parents and family members are welcome to come and join us in the fight against cancer. Detailed information regarding Relay Recess can be found on this attached flyer.

Please remind your child to dress appropriately for physical activity. Pants and athletic shoes are highly recommended. It is also recommended that your child wear a hat or sunscreen because several events will be held outside. A concession stand will be available for students to purchase refreshments. The following is a list of concession stand items and prices:

Bottled Water $1.00
Gatorade $.50
Assorted Fresh Fruit $.75
Chips $.75
Pickles $.50
Slim Jims $.25
Sour Punch Straws $1.00
Pixy Stix $1.00
Airheads $.25
Laffy Taffy $.10

If you are interested in volunteering for this event, please register at