• Carver Kids Care: (Oct. - March) Meetings once a month. Carver Kids Care is a before school club dedicated to teaching students the importance of serving others.  Teachers: Holland, Martinez, Parsons, Patton, White, Dugger, Josefik and Cloy.
  • Carver Live: (Aug.-May) @ 8:40-9:00AM. Daily morning news show with reporters and technology crew. Auditions take place at end and beginning of school year.  Teachers: Mertig, Bolland, Sriratanakoul, and Houck.
  • Chorus (4th grade): Tues. (Oct. 9th-May) @ 8:25-8:55AM.  Teacher: Gina Hughes
  • Chorus (5th grade): Thurs. (Oct. 9th-May) @ 8:25-8:55AM.  Teacher: Gina Hughes
  • Color Guard: Student school representatives that march, present, learn about, and take care of our flag for the school. Teacher Mr. Edscorn
  • Girls on the Run: Tues./Thurs. @ 4:00pm.  Girls in the 3rd-5th grade participate in an after-school program that encourages positive emotional, social, mental and physical development.  Teachers: K. Smith, Sampsell, Nuttall, Powe, Cotten and Lopez.
  • Khan Academy Math Club: Thurs. and Fri. (Oct. 11th-?) @ 7:45-8:30AM in the Media Center.  Students will use a combination of chromebooks and Khan Academy to sharpen math skills. Teacher: P. Walker
  • Reading Club: TBA (Jan.-April) @ 4:00-5:00.  Teachers: Quayle and Kent.
  • Tech Fair Prep: Wed. (Oct. 17-January) @ 8:00-9:00.  This club assists students in creating technology and innovative STEAM projects for Bryan County District Technology Fair, Regional Technology Fair, and hopefully the State Technology Fair.  Fairs begin in January.  Teachers: Sriratanakoul and Houck.
  • Yearbook: (Aug.-May).  Students will help to take pictures and design yearbook pages.  Teacher: Scholar