Instructional Technology Specialist:  Tiffany Hursey 



21st Century Technology Skills are at the heart of education for all students at McAllister Elementary School. Classrooms are equipped with not only computer access but also have student chromebooks for our students to utilize for classroom projects and skill work. Our classrooms are also equipped with LCD projectors, audio enhancement systems and  Mimeo whiteboard devices. Technology serves to enhance the educational experience of all students at MES.

MES has three technology labs to serve our student population. Two labs are Windows based and one lab is outfitted with chromebases. MES has four mobile chromebook carts and one iPad cart to serve our students in Pre-K through fifth grade.  Students have designated computer lab time each week through their Specials rotation. Students will be engaged in exciting technology activities with their school-based Instructional Technology Specialist and Media Specialist.  MES students enjoy learning with technology, creating project with Google Apps & web-based tools as well as the new addition of iPads.  Students at MES use Technology Time & Media Time to explore their research skills and apply technology skills to a variety of projects.  

Students at MES also learn to be safe Digital Citizens.  All students participate in Digital Citizenship Week in October.  Students learn about staying safe online, protecting their digital footprint and the habits of a good digital citizen.