Counseling Office 912-459-6403

Registrar's Office 912-459-2530 or 912-459-5164

Registrar's Fax 912-459-5182

Cindy White
 Counseling Receptionist
  Room 516
Katie Spivey
 West Office Receptionist
  Room 602
Rhashida Bunyan 
 Last names A - Davidson 
  Room 500 Hall
Emily Neff
 Last names Davis - Hobby
  Room 516
Wallace Ingram
 Last names Hod - Miller
   500 Hallway
Laine Lynch
 Last names Milton - Sa
  Room 516
Saraswati Hendrix
 Last names Sc - Z
  Room 516
Jennifer Blanton
 Graduation Coach
  Room 602 (College & Career Center)
Kerri Whitley
  West Campus Office
Kim Murphy
  West Campus Office
Jonna Vaughn
 Military & Family Life Counselor
  The LiNK

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Well-qualified and professional counseling staff are available to assist RHHS students with their academic, personal/social, and college/career counseling needs. School Counselors provide short-term, school related counseling for students. Students and their families seeking therapy/mental health counseling will need to seek community based counseling. Students may request to see their grade level counselor by completing a  Request to See Counselor form (follow this link. The form may also be requested from a counselor, the Registrar's Office, your adviser or any teacher). If you have a simple question, you may stop by before school, after school, see if the counselor is available.

Emergency/Crisis - If a student is in crisis (contemplating suicide, self-injury, in an abusive situation) or has a friend in crisis, the student should ask to see a counselor immediately. If all counselors are busy or out of their offices, go to Room 516 and report to Ms. White that you need immediate assistance from a counselor or administrator.

Parents/Guardians - The school counselors are happy to meet with you regarding your student. The students are our priority; therefore, it is necessary for non students to make an appointment to see a school counselor. Often times it is just not possible for a school counselor to see individuals on a walk in basis. Counselors have set appointments throughout the day seeing students; individuals without appointments can get the counselors off schedule, resulting in a disservice to the students expecting to meet with their school counselor. To request an appointment either email the counselor or telephone Ms. White at 459-6403.