Welcome to Richmond Hill Primary School's PreKindergarten!


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Bright From The Start funds our PreK classrooms of 22 students each. Any seat assignment numbers above the alloted slots will begin on the waitlist (blue cells) and be moved into a classroom seat when one becomes available. In the event a parent declines a seat or moves, etc. the next child on the list will be offered the available seat.


 Please send any immunization and/or EED forms to mlsmith@bryan.k12.ga.us  


Our PreK Lottery will be held the week of April 13th.


The 2020-2021 PreK Waitlist will be displayed below.  The Assigned Lottery Number is the number the child was assigned (parents were notified of this number in a letter mailed to their address). The Seat is the order in which they were randomly drawn out of the box.  If the child was registered after the lottery drawing due date, the child will not have an Assigned Lottery Number.