Online Volunteer Orientation

Below is a list of items that must be completed yearly before you can volunteer. If you have already attended a volunteer orientation this year you will not need to complete this.

RHPS Guidelines for Volunteers:

After you have completed the checklist below you can schedule a time to volunteer with your child’s teacher. Volunteers must sign in and out with the office every time you are on campus. Please see the School Handbook for additional information concerning volunteer dress code, hours and campus rules.

Volunteer Orientation Summary:

On your first visit to the school, you will be asked to sign a volunteer agreement that states you have completed the training items below.

Volunteer Checklist: (complete in this order)

  1. Fill out Volunteer Form. (This has to be completed every year.)
  2. Read theMandatory Reporting summary
  3. Take the Mandatory Reporting assessment; a link will be emailed to you when you complete the volunteer form. Be sure to click RHPS at the end of the test so we have a record of the assessment.
  4. Read through County Volunteer Confidentiality Handbook
  5. Sign a Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement at RHPS the first time you volunteer.

Once you have completed 1-4 then you are done. A confirmation of completion of all 4 items will be sent to RHPS automatically. If you have already completed a volunteer training then you don't need to do these again.