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Carver Elementary School

Media Center


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The Media Center is open from 9:00 am to 3:45 pm

Students can come to the media center any time during the day to check in and out books independently. Or whole classes can come to the media center for lessons, research, or lab time.

The media Center's electronic card catalog is Destiny. You can access Destiny by clicking here.


Follettshelf eBooks

Site username: carvermedia

Site password: student

Capstone eBooks

Site username: gwces

Site password: school


Lexiles are an important part of the media center this year. Each student got a lexile range score when they took the MAP reading test. They can use that range to search for a book in the media center through Destiny or they can use Lexile.com. Most classes ask their students to get one book on their lexile range and the two sites mentioned above are a great way to find books on their lexile range. 


The media center added a Makerspace this year and we are excited to have an area for students to create projects.  The first project was making and flying paper airplanes. Students created a hypothesis and collected their data on how far the planes flew. Lastly, they stated whether or not the hypothesis was correct. The second project is making people out of tin foil and then making shadows on post-it notes. Students will be learning about shadows and story telling when they explain about what the person is doing and how they got that shadow.

Whole classes, small groups or individual students are welcome to use Makerspace during the day in the media center.