UPDATE:  The PSAT and the SAT are for Face to Face Learners only.  ELearners will have to sign up for the SAT off campus.

The school day SAT is open to all juniors and seniors.  Payments will be taken on My Payments Plus for $55 or $8.50 for free and reduced students.  The deadline is Sept 15th and will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If students do not have a credit card to pay through MPP, please see your counselor for other information.

The PSAT is also scheduled for 10th graders on Oct 14th.  It is open to 9th and 11th graders, however there is a fee for $18 for those students.  Juniors will automatically be entered in the National Merit Scholarship Program and could earn a scholarship ranging from $500-$2500 based on their scores.  If you did well on your PSAT last year, this is a great scholarship opportunity! For all 9th graders interested, this is a great chance to get a jump on the SAT…the more times you see the test, the better you might do on the SAT in the future.